Freeze-dried pea soup

Pea soup

Freeze-dried mushroom soup main benefits and description:

The most delicate creamy texture with a spicy taste and sophisticated aroma. Mmmm …
A win-win option to diversify your diet and satisfy your hunger when there is no time for cooking.

When we are eating mushroom soups, we saturate our body with a huge amount of vitamins, macronutrients, trace elements and amino acids. Mushrooms are special because of the fact that they contain 18 amino acids that improve memory, mental activity and prevent atherosclerosis. Mushroom soup contains important B vitamins (B6, B2, B1), which are necessary for the normal functioning of our nervous system, and also help to make skin, hair and nails healthy.

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 Freeze-dried mushroom soup

Made with the method of freeze-drying of natural dishes without any preservatives and GMOs.

How to cook:

Before eating, pour the mixture with boiling water to the mark on the package, mix and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Boiling water can be poured directly into the container in which the soup is sold. Then mix. You can eat from plastic, environmentally friendly package, or pour into a plate.

Produced according to ТУ У 10.8-2659610939-001:2018

Mushroom soup:

Ingredients: 76% mashed potato, 12% mushroom broth, 6% roast (carrot, onion), 3% champignons, 1% greens (dill), salt.

Nutrition facts per 100 g:

Calorie content – 358.96 kcal
Protein – 7.86 g
Fat – 3.00 g
Carbohydrate – 72.65 g
Fiber – 5.27 g

Shelf life: 6 months in the original packaging,  at a temperature less than 20C, and with less than 65% of humidity.

Weight 32 ± 4 g.