New!!! Freeze-dried fruit yogurt drops Cryovit

Fruit yogurt drops with strawberry

Fruit yogurt drops with strawberry

Fruit yogurt drops with blackcurrant

Fruit yogurt drops with blackcurrant

Fruit yogurt drops with mixed

Fruit yogurt drops with mixed

Sublimated drops for confectionery

Freeze-dried drops CryoVit

Freeze-dried drops description:

Fruit yogurt drops are airy drops of milk yogurt with fruit smoothie. Drops (droplets) of the product are frozen and dried by freeze drying.

Cryovit drops offer a completely new taste experience. We are ready to offer fruit drops, fruit drops with the addition of yogurt, with or without sugar. The tender, gentle low-temperature drying process preserves the quality of the ingredients used.

Great taste, excellent organoleptic properties, drops are made from products of the highest quality; they are recommended for a healthy diet because ingredients include live milk bacteria.

Fruit and yogurt drops can be used as an independent delicacy (healthy snack), as well as raw materials for confectioners, chocolatiers, producers of cereals, granola.

Characteristics of drops made by CryoVit

Name Drops size (of the drop), mm Ingredients
Yogurt drops 8 – 20 3% fat milk yogurt
Strawberry and yogurt 8 – 20 Yogurt, strawberry
Blueberry and yogurt 8 – 20 Yogurt, blueberry
Blueberry drops 8 – 12 Blueberry
Strawberry drops 8 – 12 Strawberry

We produce fruit and berry drops, both for retail sale and for wholesale customers. Our freeze-drying equipment allows us to produce a wide range of drops.

By prior agreement with the customer, any kind of drops can be made with sugar, fructose, dextrose or maltodextrin.

Applications of freeze-dried drops.

Fruit-yogurt drops

Drops for baking and bakery products

When fruit drops are added to pastries, they create soft, jam-like stains that improve the taste of your items: muffins, bread, pastries, buns, etc.

Drops for cereals, granola and other instant dishes

Fruit and yogurt drops are used as a great supplement, highlighting your breakfast with a creamy flavor. Drops improve the visual appeal of your product and make it unique in the market.

Drops for chocolate making

Very often, drops are used as an additive inside a chocolate bar as its filling. A wide range of fruit, yogurt, fruit and yogurt drops produced by CryoVit allows you to get a wide range of flavoring fillers. In addition, drops in the manufacture of chocolate can act as a tasty and healthy decor.


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