Freeze-dryer. Model СС-1.2

Freeze-dryer. Model CC-1.2

Main advantages and description:

Freeze-dryer model СС-1.2 can be used both in everyday life, in food industry, and for medical purposes, in laboratories.

This model comes with an advanced user interface that allows you to fine-tune the necessary parameters of sublimation, which is very important in the manufacture of drugs, in laboratories and other production processes that go beyond the scope of “home” lyophilization.

Nevertheless, you can use the freeze dryer of this model in everyday life or in production, if you have a need to prepare a large number of freeze-dried products. The freeze dryer model CC-1.2 allows you to load up to 10-12 kg of products per cycle, thanks to the expanded shelf area.

An intuitive interface allows both specialists and home users to work with a freeze dryer without any special skills. The engineering settings mode allows you to configure the lyophilization process in detail.

Price: 12 000 USD


Freeze-dryer. Lyophilizer. Model СС-1.2

This device is designed for canning products by freeze-drying in vacuum.

This method combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in a vacuum. During freezing, there are practically no changes in the properties of the product, and when drying in vacuum, the structure, composition and nutritional properties of the product are preserved to a much greater extent than when preserved by other methods. The process takes place without the use of any preservatives or additives, it is absolutely harmless both to the environment and to the products that are exposed to it.

Characteristic Value
Usable shelf area, m2 1.2
Vacuum depth 15-112 Pa
Condenser temperature -40 °С
*with water heating -30 to 90 °С
Shelf temperature 90 °С
Cycle time 24 – 48 hours
Power of all devices and units 9 kWh
Supply voltage 380 V
Weight, less than 400 kg
Maximum noise level 75 dB


Contents of delivery:

Package Includes:

  1. Assembled Freeze-Dryer
  2. Shelf unit
  3. Freeze-drying trays, 3 pieces
  4. Vacuum pump
  5. Vacuum hose
  6. Instruction manual (passport)
  7. Packaging
  8. Vacuum oil VM-1

Control display

Freeze dryer display and control interface

Vacuum pump

Freeze dryer vacuum pump

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