Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical – Model СС-100

Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical - Model СС-100

Main advantages and description:

Freeze dryer model SS-100 is used in food industry, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories for other industrial purposes.

This model comes with an advanced control interface that allows you to fine-tune the necessary sublimation parameters, which is very important in the production of medicines, in laboratories and other production processes.

The use of the SS-100 freeze dryer is justified if you have a need to prepare a large amount of freeze-dried products. Freeze dryer model CC-100 allows you to load up to 100 kg of products per cycle, thanks to the extended shelf area and design.

The management and control of the parameters of the freeze dryer as well as the logging of sensor readings can be seen in a special application for monitoring the operation of the dryer, which is available for Android, iOs and Desktop based on the Windows operating system. Telemetry is performed through the GSM gateway and mobile operator. The monitoring system also allows you to send “alarm” messages to e-mail or Telegram.

Price: 75 000 USD

Installation and commissioning: 1000 USD


Freeze-dryer. Lyophilizer. Model SS-100

This device is designed for canning products by freeze-drying in vacuum.

This method combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in a vacuum. During freezing, there are practically no changes in the properties of the product, and when drying in vacuum, the structure, composition and nutritional properties of the product are preserved to a much greater extent than when preserved by other methods. The process takes place without the use of any preservatives or additives, it is absolutely harmless both to the environment and to the products that are exposed to it.

Characteristic Value
Productivity, kg/cycle 100
Ice volume, kg/cycle 100-150
Condenser temperature -40 °С
Shelf temperature 60 °С
Refrigeration temperature of the product in the freezer -30 °С
Useful area of the shelf, sq.m. 10
Number of shelves 10
Shelf size, mm 500*2000
Shelf heating electric
Distance between shelves, mm > 40
Number of product trays 20
Tray size, mm 500*1000 ASCI 304
Refrigerant R507
Maximum vacuum level, Pa 30
Vacuum build-up speed (atm 133 Pa), minutes < 30
Installed power, kW 19 кВт
Electrical network parameters3 phase, 380 Volt, 50 Hz
Defrost method Reverse steam
Device weight, kg 1350

Demo video:

Freeze dryer remote control module (optional)

Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module

The Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module is a device that allows you to monitor, control the freeze drying process and freeze dryer from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The freeze dryer remote control module is compatible with the entire range of TM Cryovit freeze dryers.

The software developed by our specialists combines simplicity and an intuitive interface. Doesn’t require installation of additional programs or applications. Works with both iOs and Android systems, using the web browser interface installed on a phone or computer.

The simple connection principle (the connection method used by most manufacturers of “smart” devices such as vacuum cleaners, moisture meters, surveillance cameras, etc.) provides a one-time simple connection, after which all functions of the freeze dryer control module become available.

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