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CryoVit offers “ASTRONAVT” product line and provides anyone with the opportunity to try the products that real astronauts eat. And this is NOT an advertising slogan.

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Space food is perhaps the most natural and safe food. This is primarily because no chemical additives are used in the process of its production. The diet of astronauts consists exclusively of natural, high-quality and healthy products. The development of a diet for crews is carried out by a professional team consisting of nutritionists, doctors and microbiologists.

Making space food is a complex process called freeze-drying.
Freeze-drying of products is the process of removing moisture from freshly frozen foods in a vacuum. This allows you to almost completely (up to 95%) retain nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, natural smell, taste, color and even the original form.

The freeze-drying method allows you to maintain good taste and nutritional value of products for a long time (up to 5 years!) at inconsistent temperatures (from -50 to + 50 ° С).

Space ice cream

Space ice cream.

One of the most famous products is astronaut ice cream.

Space ice cream is a classic ice cream made using the technology used in the production of food for astronauts.
This ice cream was developed specifically for NASA’s Apollo program, which landed a man on the moon from 1961 to 1975.

Would you like to try ice cream that real astronauts eat? It is freeze-dried, so it can be eaten in a state of weightlessness.

Freeze-dried ice cream is not exposed to heat and will not melt depriving you of pleasure at the most inopportune moment. Can be eaten both in solid and liquid form.

Price: 120 UAH

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Space bananas

Banana chips are delicious, crunchy banana slices that make a great alternative for popcorn when watching a movie. And also, in addition to excellent taste, banana chips are also a source of potassium and calcium, which have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, blood vessels, the formation of bones and teeth.

Banana chips are also a source of fiber, which can improve bowel function. They also perform the function of cleansing the body of excess salts, improving mood and brain function.

Price: 90 UAH

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Space bananas
Space apples with cinnamon

Space apples with cinnamon

Apples with cinnamon are a real harmony of taste, appropriate in baby and diet food, making you feel holiday on weekdays.

Apple with cinnamon is a wonderful combination that has become a classic. By combining these simple products, we have a delicious and healthy treat. It has retained all the richness and nutrients of a fresh product with the ideal way of cooking.

Price: 70 UAH

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Drops. Yoghurt, fruit, fruit-yoghurt drops.

Drops are a delicious and healthy snack or ingredient for your meals.

Fruit yogurt drops are airy drops of milk yogurt with a fruit smoothie. Drops (droplets) of the product are frozen and dried by freeze-drying.

It is both an individual product for eating and a tasty and healthy additive for bakery products, pastries, cereals, desserts. Drops are also used as an additive in the manufacturing of chocolate.

Price: negotiable.

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Freeze-dried Ukrainian borscht

Ukrainian borscht

Ukrainian borscht made by CryoVit is a great option for a full meal, in case you are hungry while travelling. Perfect as a main meal for true fans of Ukrainian cuisine.

Our borscht is cooked according to a classic recipe, in a cast iron cauldron. For its preparation, natural and best quality products are used, without the addition of chemical additives and preservatives. Freeze-drying technology allows us to preserve its original taste and benefits, delighting you with delicious and healthy food, wherever you are.

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Classical omelette

An omelet is a great start dish to start the day and a familiar breakfast.

Now the classic omelet made from eggs and milk is available to you anywhere on this planet, wherever you are: on a picnic or on the summit of Mount Everest, driving, at work or at school.

Just add a little hot water, and after 3 minutes you can enjoy the taste of a real freshly made omelet, which, by the way, perfectly removes hunger.

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CryoVit freeze-dried omelette

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To order space food made by CryoVit and / or equipment for freeze-drying (lyophilization), you can get advice on your questions by contacting our representative.

Freeze-drying technology is known internationally. As for today, vacuum freeze-drying technology used for the needs of the food market can be considered as an innovation in Ukraine, although in other countries this technology has established itself in many areas (pharmaceuticals, food, applied biotechnology). In European countries, USA, Canada, China, freeze-dried products in stores are on separate shelves, being the final product for the buyer. Ukrainian consumers are more likely to know sublimation as an additive to products (instant cereals, granola, teas, sweets and pastry toppings, instant drinks).