Freeze-dryers. Lyophilizers.

A freeze-dryer or a lyophilizer is a machine designed for canning products by freeze-drying in vacuum.

This method combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in a vacuum. During freezing, there are practically no changes in the properties of the product, and when drying in vacuum, the structure, composition and nutritional properties of the product are preserved to a much greater extent than when preserved by other methods. The process takes place without the use of any preservatives or additives, it is absolutely harmless both to the environment and to the products that are exposed to it.

Dehydrated products in vacuum (freeze-dried) retain:

  • appearance and shape
  • cell structure
  • taste and aromatic properties
  • nutritional value
Freeze-dryers. Lyophilizers.

And the most important thing!

After freeze-drying (lyophilization), when water is added to any of the products, they almost completely restore its original appearance, aroma, taste and color.

When using airtight packaging, freeze-dried products can be stored for a long time in any conditions.

CryoVit freeze dryers

We offer CryoVit freeze dryers for home, restaurants, small batch production, laboratories, and industry.

Freeze dryer for home, restaurant, small batch production.

Model “СС-0.2” 

Freeze-dryer for home

The freeze dryer is ideal for use at home. It can become an essential assistant in your restaurant, pastry shop or in your small production. The compact model does not require much space for installation.

Main advantages:

  • touch screen with an intuitive interface. Managing the dryer is as easy as using a microwave.
  • compact size
  • 2-3 kg of products per cycle

Laboratory, semi-industrial freeze dryer

Model “CC-1.2”

Laboratory freeze-dryer

A semi-industrial dryer is used when it is necessary to produce freeze-dried vegetables and fruits in large volumes. The increased shelf area allows you to produce more products per cycle. The advanced operating mode of the control module allows you to fine-tune the parameters of the lyophilization process, which allows you use the dryer for laboratory and medical purposes.

Main advantages:

  • fine-tuning of sublimation modes for laboratories and medical purposes
  • ease of maintenance
  • 8-12 kg of freeze-dried products per cycle

Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical

Model “SS-100”

Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical SS-100

Powerful industrial pharmaceutical freeze dryers for food processing, pharmaceutical production and laboratories. A distinctive feature of this freeze dryer is the ability to lyophilize up to 100 kg of product in one working cycle. The industrial freeze dryer is equipped with a modern intuitive control interface, which allows operating personnel to control the sublimation process without specialized skills.

Main advantages:

  • quality of components and assembly
  • the possibility of designing a dryer, taking into account the individual requirements of the production / enterprise
  • advanced interface allows you to adjust sublimation parameters in a wide range and with maximum accuracy
  • intuitive interface

Industrial freeze-dryer

Model “CC-300”

Industrial freeze-dryer

We make industrial freeze dryers to order. CryoVit specialists are ready to design, manufacture and install a freeze dryer designed for the needs of your production or enterprise. We guarantee the quality of components, reliable operation of the unit and high-quality service.

Main advantages:

  • quality of components and assembly
  • designing a dryer for the individual requirements of the production / enterprise
  • high-quality service

Advantages of freeze-dryers, lyophilizers made by CryoVit

Our own production

Freeze dryers are fully designed and manufactured at our facilities. Many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering help us to achieve the high quality of freeze dryers manufactured by CryoVit for both household models and industrial devices.

Components from verified suppliers

In the production of freeze dryers, we use components of the best world brands, proven by many years of experience in cooperation.

Service, spare parts and accessories for freeze dryers

We offer a wide range of accessories that make working with the freeze dryer produced by CryoVit a true pleasure. Our own production allows us to guarantee the availability of spare parts in the warehouse, necessary for the smooth operation of your freeze-dryer.

Interactive monitoring and control system

A multi-function operation controller equipped with a 3.5 inch touch screen and software designed specifically for the freeze dryer makes it easy to control the lyophilization process without any special skills. We declare that managing a CryoVit freeze dryer is simpler than a washing machine.

Freeze dryer display and control interface

Pump included

Freeze dryers are equipped with a 2-stage rotary vane pump. We select pumps that best meet our requirements: reliable and low-noise operation. For ease of use, the pump is outside the freeze-dryer machine body, it can be placed where it is convenient for you.

Vacuum Pump for Freeze Dryer

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You can buy a freeze dryer by contacting our sales department. They will help you to choose the freeze dryer suitable for your needs, for home, for production or for the laboratory, and place your order.