Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module

Freeze dryer manufacturer Cryovit brings to your attention an absolute novelty in the freeze drying equipment market.

The Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module is a device that allows you to monitor, control the freeze drying process and freeze dryer from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The freeze dryer remote control module is compatible with the entire range of TM Cryovit freeze dryers.

The software developed by our specialists combines simplicity and an intuitive interface. Doesn’t require installation of additional programs or applications. Works with both iOs and Android systems, using the web browser interface installed on a phone or computer.

The simple connection principle (the connection method used by most manufacturers of “smart” devices such as vacuum cleaners, moisture meters, surveillance cameras, etc.) provides a one-time simple connection, after which all functions of the freeze dryer control module become available.

Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module

Main functions of the remote control freeze drying module

Monitoring of the main parameters of the freeze drying process:

  • Indicator of the current temperature of the sublimated product (probe temperature);
  • Current operating mode (cooling, evacuation, sublimation, final drying, etc.);
  • Temperature on the shelves;
  • Wi-fi indicator – signal level;
  • Freon temperature;
  • Sublimation chamber pressure;
  • Average shelf power;
  • Dynamic temperature;
  • Error and warning indication

Setting the operating modes and basic parameters of sublimation:

  • Setting / adjusting the sublimation temperature;
  • Setting / adjusting the final drying temperature;
  • Setting / adjusting the sublimation time;
  • Setting / adjusting the final drying time;
Freeze Dryer Remote Control Module

Connection example for the remote control of the freeze dryer:

1. Connect the unit to a special connector freeze drier (DATA).
2. Connect the module to your WIFI network.
Press button 1, then press button 2 – the module will start searching for an available network. Release first button 2, then button 1. Successful operation will be indicated by fast blinking of the LED in red and white. After the above operation, your device becomes an access point named FD-00. Open the WIFI network settings menu of your device. Connect to the FD_00 network (it does not have a password). After connecting to this network. Open your browser and enter the following address in the address field. A field with login and password will open in front of you. Enter your WIFI network login and password in these fields. Click (SUBMIT).
3. Restart the device by holding down the button 2. If everything was done correctly, the device will connect to your WIFI network. This will be evidenced by the slow winking of blue – green color.
4. Open a browser on your mobile or desktop device. Enter the link in the address field. Or scan the QR code that comes with the module. This will take you to the application window for monitoring and controlling the dryer.Модуль дистанционного управления сушилкой - инсталляция


Interested in the dryer remote control module !?

If you have any questions about purchasing and connecting a remote control module for a freeze dryer, Cryovit specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.