About the company

ЧП Федякин (PE Fedyakin) is a manufacturing company with 15 years of experience in the field of engineering, which has established itself as a reliable supplier of equipment for the production of briquettes, a manufacturer of pellet burners, lines for the production of pellets and briquettes, as well as other equipment for heat generation in not only Ukraine, but across all of Europe.

“But why freeze-dried food?” – you ask. We have the answer – “Everything in our life is changing and life does not stand still!”.

So in 2018, we decided to use many years of our experience in mechanical engineering in order to change the profile of the enterprise to the production of high-quality, safe, healthy food products that would suit most categories of customers.

We decided to produce freeze-dried products, because this technology allows you to get, in fact, unique products that retain all their useful properties, taste and aromatic qualities, but at the same time, their shelf life extends significantly. This is possible without the addition of preservatives, chemical stabilizers or other common technologies of preserving products. Not for nothing these technologies are used by NASA in the manufacturing of food for astronauts – and this is not an advertising slogan!

Our goal

We want to give you time – the most precious thing that is so lacking in our dynamic life!

If you save 30 or 50 minutes that you spend on preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner for you or your family, and at the same time get the product that will not differ in taste and nutritional quality, perhaps it will be even better than usual – we will be happy.

But at the same time, we are ready to offer you high-quality, healthy, simple and familiar dishes for you, which are prepared using the most modern technology.

That is how we are different from other manufacturers. We do not dry, do not preserve, do not add flavorings to our products – we try to maximize its naturalness and usefulness. We freeze-dry our dishes! Preserving the cell structure, beneficial properties, aroma and nutritional value of each component.

Products of our company:

This is how the ASTRONAVT product line was born – products that are familiar to everyone, processed using NASA technology gave an interesting result. ASTRONAVT ice cream, made by us, quickly established itself as an interesting, tasty and unusual delicacy far beyond the borders of Ukraine. And it is not unusual, because who would not want to try ice cream, which can be eaten in zero gravity, which does not melt in the sun, and which can be eaten by children without worrying about their throats.

Our freeze-dried products have some success, which may well replace chips, for example – an apple with cinnamon, melon – a hit of the winter season, bananas. A great alternative, useful and natural.

Space ice cream in Washington
ASTRONAUT products at the conference
Space borscht

After the complete success of our product – “Space Borsch”, we realized that we are ready to offer people not only quality products, but also full-fledged dishes. Thus, the “Bezpechnaya izhia” (Safe food) product line was born – a line of ready-to-eat dishes (cereals, soups, breakfasts) from which everyone can choose what they like.

Safe, healthy, simple and familiar to everyone dishes of the Bezpechnaya izhia (Safe food) product line are dishes that are suitable for everyone – from a child to an adult, from an office worker to a professional athlete. It doesn’t matter if it is breakfast or dinner – we have something to offer you.

With all this, we strive to achieve our main goal – “Saving your time on cooking” with the maximum preservation of their taste and healthy qualities. Dishes of the “Bezpechnaya Izha” (Safe food) line are the real alternative to fast food, instant noodles, and other instant dishes. And the cost of our dishes is not more than if you cooked them yourself, in some cases it is even less. But in any case, you will receive a bonus in the form of your free time.


The company’s production facilities are located in Stepovoe village, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, about 20 kilometers from the city of Dnipro. At the moment, we have a relatively small production workshop, which fully covers the need for the production of freeze-dried dishes and products.

CryioVit production workshop

We focus not on the amount, but on the quality! This applies not only to finished products, but also to the equipment on which they are produced. Our workshops are equipped with modern equipment, including our production.

The modern equipment that we use allows us to automate processes in production as much as possible, reducing energy costs and, also the cost of the final product, while certainly maintaining its excellent quality.

Freeze-drying of products is made on the sublimation units CC-300 of our production. In conjunction with the software that was developed specifically for our technological processes, it allows us to “fine-tune” and regulate the process of freeze-drying of products instantly.

We are ready to offer high quality freeze-dried products.

Automation on the CryoVit production
Freeze dryers of our own production

“Cryovit” TM

Now the team of specialists of “Cryovit” TM, which combines the freeze-dried ASTRONAVT products and the product line of ready-to-eat dishes “Bezpechnaya izhia” (Safe food), are working to expand our product range and build an efficient distribution network.

We also carry out orders for the production of high-quality freeze-dried products for companies operating in various fields – from pharmaceuticals to the food industry.

We are ready to cooperate and expand our “influence” markets. If you are interested in the production of high-quality freeze-dried products or in the distribution of our finished products, please contact us.


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