Industrial freeze-dryer. Model СС-300

Industrial lyophilizer - Model CC-300

Main advantages and description:

CryoVit company develops, manufactures and carries out commissioning of industrial freeze-drying (lyophilization) dryers, taking into account the needs of your production.

The company’s specialists are ready to develop, design and manufacture an industrial freeze dryer that will ideally fit the production processes of your enterprise.

A team of high-class programmers adapts the dryer control interface to the needs of your enterprise so that you do not have to train additional staff. The management and maintenance of an industrial sublimation plant will not require special skills.

CryoVit manufactures industrial freeze dryers to order.

Trust our 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering!


Industrial freeze-dryer (lyophilizer). Model СС-300

This device is designed for canning products by freeze-drying in vacuum.

This method combines two well-known preservation methods – freezing and drying in a vacuum. During freezing, there are practically no changes in the properties of the product, and when drying in vacuum, the structure, composition and nutritional properties of the product are preserved to a much greater extent than when preserved by other methods. The process takes place without the use of any preservatives or additives, it is absolutely harmless both to the environment and to the products that are exposed to it.

Contents of delivery:

The standard package includes:

  1. Subframe bearing
  2. Drying drum
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. Refrigeration unit
  5. Connecting and shutoff valves
  6. Operation controller
  7. Shelves and their heating system
  8. Control cabinet
  9. Heat recovery system and shelf cooling system

Buy industrial freeze dryer

You can buy a freeze dryer by contacting our sales department. They will help you to choose the freeze dryer suitable for your needs, for home, for production or for the laboratory, and place your order.