Fruit yogurt drops mix

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Fruit-yoghurt drops mix. Sublimated food. Main advantages and description:

Fruit-yoghurt drops — are airy drops of milk yogurt with fruit smoothie. Drops (droplets) of the product are frozen and dried by freeze drying.

Cryovit drops offer a completely new taste experience. We are ready to offer fruit drops, fruit drops with the addition of yogurt, with or without sugar. The tender, gentle low-temperature drying process preserves the quality of the ingredients used.

Great taste, excellent organoleptic properties, drops are made from products of the highest quality; they are recommended for a healthy diet because ingredients include live milk bacteria.

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Fruit yogurt drops mixed

Made with the method of freeze-drying of natural dishes without any preservatives and GMOs.

Produced according to ТУ У 10.8-2659610939-001:2018

Fruit yogurt drops mixed

Ingredients: yogurt, fruit smoothie, xanthan gum E415, sugar

Nutrition facts per 100 g:

Calories — 316,11 kkal
Carbohydrates — 71,58 g
Sugar – 45,5 g
Fats — 8,82 g
Na — 0,25 г

Shelf life 12 months, in original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 20C and relative humidity below 65%.

Weight 25±2 g


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