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The wild ancestors of our pets ate independently killed prey. Any predator who is lucky enough to get a large prey begins to devour it from the most delicious one. A delicacy is the abdominal cavity filled with fiber, digestive enzymes and bacteria.

When preparing food, a person seeks to achieve sterility: products are washed, frozen, boiled, etc. The body of a domestic predator does not receive fresh beneficial intestinal bacteria and digestive enzymes, which enhance immunity, improve the digestibility of feed and its assimilation, and neutralize toxins. That is why the animal needs a bioactive supplement.

«Probiotic Drops – Echo Wildlife»

«Probiotic Drops» by Cryovit – it is an exceptional novelty in its field, created on the basis of space technologies. A freeze-dried food complex with bifidobacteria will revive the evolutionary mechanism of any animal.

«Both people and animals have one desire – to be healthy»

Unlike many other analogues, our products are based on absolutely natural ingredients. Due to the absence of harmful substances in the composition, we guarantee a positive effect on the pet’s body, provide long-term storage and safe use of drops without losing nutritional properties. Add dropsics to your pet’s diet – improve its quality of life.

Probiotics for pets

«Pet happiness is in our hands»

Probiotics for animals

Probiotic Drops are recommended to be taken both in the presence of problems and in their absence throughout the pet’s life. Numerous studies have shown that the only reliable method for stabilizing the intestinal microflora of animals of different species and technological groups is the prophylactic and therapeutic use of pure cultures of beneficial microorganisms – probiotics.

Probiotics are special bacteria that prevent harmful microorganisms from multiplying in the stomach, enhance the immune and antagonistic properties of the microorganism’s own microflora. They have no contraindications to use and they have no side effects.

Cryovit probiotic supplement eliminates digestive problems and significantly boosts immunity. We created what civilization took away. Animal purity and strength in one jar.

Probiotic Drops – Probiotics for small breeds pets

Probiotics for small breeds pets

The course of taking probiotics for small breeds is 10 days.

Small and medium breeds (pets from 1 to 21 kg).

1 drops per 3 kg of weight.

Pet weight, kg Number of drops per course
1-3 10
4-5 15
6 20
7-8 25
9 30
10-11 35
12 40
13-14 45
15 50
16-17 55
18 60
19-20 65
21 70

Price: 350 UAH

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Probiotic Drops – Probiotics for Large Breed Pets

Probiotics for Large Breed Pets

The course of taking probiotics for large breeds pets is 10 days.

Large breeds pets (pets from 21 kg).

1 drops per 11 kg of weight.

Pet weight, kg Number of drops per course
22 20
23-27 23
28-32 27
33 30
34-38 33
39-43 37
44 40
45-50 43
51-54 47
55 50
56-60 53
61-65 57
66 60
67-71 63
72-76 67
77 70
78-82 73
83-87 77
88 80

Price: 350 UAH

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 Features of Cryovit Probiotics for Animals:

  • The basis of the composition – premium quality natural ingredients
  • Eliminate digestive problems and strengthen immunity
  • High standards, modern and unique cooking technologies
Probiotics for small breeds pets

Recommendations for consuming probiotics for pets:

  • When switching from breast milk to self-feeding
  • In the treatment of a number of diseases
  • After and during antibiotic treatment
  • When stressed (exhibitions, travel, change of scenery, haircut)
  • With severe physical or great nervous stress (training, competition)
  • For puppies and kittens
  • Females during feeding
  • For males during the period of activity of the organism
  • During molting
  • When changing from one feed to another
  • Prevention
  • When gaining weight and normalizing the condition of the animal
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • For sensitive digestion
  • For a healthy offspring
  • To increase the quality level of lactation
  • To reduce postpartum complications
  • For the full formation of normal flora in the intestines of young animals
  • Allergy tendency

Symptoms & signals for the use of bioactive supplements:

  • Stress
  • Vomiting
  • Gassing
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Molting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dull, brittle coat
  • Itching
  • Flaky skin
  • Nervousness
  • Lethargy
  • Allergy
Probiotics for Large Breed Pets

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