Pilaf (rice with meat) freeze-dried. Family Pack. 5 servings

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Pilaf (rice with meat) freeze-dried. Family Pack. 5 servings

Main advantages and description:

Pilaf (rice with chicken) – high-calorie nutrition for athletes and tourists.

A 5-serving family package will allow you to cook 5 servings of delicious pilaf, wherever you are, or feed a large company. Reusable packaging allows you to maintain the tightness of the components on a hike, on the road, on the shelf and extend the shelf life.

From one package of pilaf with chicken, you can get about 1.5 kg of the finished product.


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Pilaf (rice with meat).

Pilaf is an oriental dish based on boiled rice. A distinctive feature of pilaf is its friability, achieved by observing the rice cooking technology and adding animal or vegetable fat to the pilaf, which prevents grains from sticking together.

We offer a delicious and nutritious pilaf dish with chicken meat. Our chicken pilaf is a simplified version of the traditional pilaf, the preparation of which is a real ritual in its homeland, and is more common in our time, being a classic cooking option.

Pilaf with chicken has an excellent taste and perfectly satisfies hunger.

Pilaf (meat rice)

Ingredients: rice – 80%, chicken fillet – 17%, carrots – 1%, onions – 1%, tomato paste – 1%

Nutritional value of 100 g of product:

Calorie content – 295.29 kcal
Proteins – 11.58 g
Fat – 14.31 g
Carbohydrates – 32.33 g

Shelf life 6 months, in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 20C and relative humidity below 65%.

Weight 250±4 gr.


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