Probiotics for cats

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Probiotics for cats

Probiotics are functional, harmless living organisms that have a positive effect on the microflora in the intestine, even if it contains pathogenic microorganisms or a lack of beneficial microorganisms.

The mechanism of action of probiotics is based on the principle of suppression and replacement, as well as constant competition with harmful bacteria. Probiotics act by inhibiting their growth and stimulating the protective properties of the intestinal wall.

Probiotics for cats Cryovit – release form:

The box contains 30 sachets.
1 sachet (serving) per day for animals of all age categories.

How to use:

Pour the contents of the sachet into the animal’s main food.

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Probiotics are used for both preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Probiotics are among the friendly bacteria. They are often used in animal diets as supplements to improve their overall health. A similar effect is due to the fact that with an increase in the number of probiotics, the state of the intestinal microflora improves, which positively affects the functioning of all body systems. After all, it is impossible to deny the fact that modern animal feeding in terms of its composition and diet, production technology (taking into account the sterility of the produced feed) is not native (natural) for the animal.

Our pets, dogs and cats, are predators by nature. The wild ancestors of our beloved pets fed on their own killed prey. Eating the abdominal cavity of the prey, they received the necessary set of enzymes and bacteria, which is necessary for the normal digestion of food and stimulation of the animals’ immunity. As a result of home keeping, and taking into account the feeding with industrial feed, the animal lost the opportunity to receive the necessary components from outside, which were the donor of normal microflora.

Violation of the normal microflora of the digestive tract leads to a decrease in the absorption of nutrients, irritation of the intestinal walls, causing increased peristalsis, diarrhea and a decrease in feed digestibility. Against this background, dysbacteriosis is formed in animals, natural resistance decreases, appearance and well-being deteriorate. The best way to solve this problem is to include probiotic supplements in the diet.

Cryovit Probiotics is a feed supplement based on live microorganisms that improves intestinal microbial balance, metabolic and immune processes. Our probiotics are based on species that are part of the normal microflora of the digestive tract of animals, therefore they do not have negative hygienic consequences and are environmentally friendly. Microorganisms that make up the normoflora carry out the synthesis of vitamins B, C, D, E, K amino acids, bacteriocins that inhibit the development of pathogens, and participate in the neutralization of toxins.

In veterinary practice, Cryovit probiotics are used for microbial correction of the intestinal environment after antibiotic and chemotherapy, to stimulate nonspecific immunity, and to prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections. Soon after entering the body, probiotic microorganisms begin to secrete biologically active substances that have both a direct effect on pathogenic microorganisms and an indirect effect – by activating both specific and non-specific defense systems of the animal’s body. Probiotic microorganisms actively produce enzymes, amino acids, antibiotic substances and other physiologically active substances that have a complex therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

INGREDIENTS: Meat and animal by-products, microencapsulated probiotic, vitamins, minerals.
SUPPLEMENTS: Gut Flora Stabilizer: Microencapsulated Probiotic: Enterococcus faecium SF68 NCIMB 10415 (4b1705): 1×10^10 КОЕ/gr

1 sachet per day.

How to use: Pour the contents of the sachet into the animal’s main food.


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